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Retail Park Stary Dworzec

Zdjęcie projektu - Retail Park Stary Dworzec

Project info

The Stary Dworzec Retail Park in Bolesławiec is another project carried out by ANTAN Development. The implemented facility is a retail park with convenient shopping and easy access to of culinary, food and service offer.

The building will have eight premises, i.e. one of 1,330 m2, 6 of 375 m2 and one with an area of approximately 600 m2 for the function of catering with a square with an allocated outdoor garden. The facility will also have 167 parking places.

The plot intended for the project is located in Bolesławiec, between Chrobrego, Hutnicza and Staroszkolna Streets. The advantage of this location is the proximity of the city centre, the ring road and a large housing estate. The plot is situated directly at B. Chrobrego Street, which is the central ring road of Bolesławiec. It is located only 800 m from the Bolesławiec market. This distance can be covered by foot in about 10 minutes. It is also adjacent to extensive residential areas, located between: Staroszkolna Street, Jana Pawła II Street and Tysiąclecia Avenue.

Form of the building
The concept provides for the construction of an L-shaped single-storey building. The building has been designed in the steel frame structure with a repetitive module.

Communication service
Access for cars has been provided for from Hutnicza and B. Chrobrego Streets. A car park is located next to the shopping centre and has 167 parking places.

Surface data
Surface of approximately 13,550 m2
Usable area for services approximately 4,180 m2
Number of parking places 167 places


Retail Park Stary Dworzec





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