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Bolesławiec City Center

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Bolesławiec City Center is the region’s first shopping centre representing the highest European standards. The modern mall will offer a variety of shops, foodservice establishments, as well as entertainment and cultural opportunities. It is situated in the very heart of Bolesławiec, only 200 metres from the town’s charming square, surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

“The heart of the town, the centre of events” – this slogan best reflects the character of Antan’s new project located in the heart of six communes, as the residents of Bolesławiec describe it.

Blending into the local architecture, near the frontage of Bolesławiec’s main square and the town’s old streets, the BC-Centre mall would like to contribute to the cultural and entertainment life of the community by participating in local celebrations and in the lives of the local people.

BC-Centre, with its more than 40 boutiques and services, plus grocery and electronics stores, has all that the people of Bolesławiec and the surrounding areas may expect from a modern shopping centre.

Reflecting the mall’s unique location, BC-Center’s logotype, name and modern architecture express the character

Bolesławiec is located in Lower Silesia at the junction of routes linking the west with the east, only 45 km from the German border and 70 km from Czech Republic.

Bolesławiec City Center
BCC is situated in the Asnyka street, which leads to the historic part of the town and close to main roads. It’s location close to the main square makes the shopping centre easy to reach on foot, by car or public transport.


Bolesławiec City Center





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