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The company, which was founded by Georg Faktor in 1950, is still completely family-owned today.

During the foundation period, we were initially involved in property development in Germany, primarily in the Rhine-Main region. Development projects during that period that are worthy of note include the “City-Center” in Aschaffenburg (1970) and the LSG high-rise in Frankfurt-Niederrad. We still own quite of few of the projects that originated during that period.

Since 1981 we have been expanding our primarily commercial real estate activities to include the development of residential real estate in the public housing sector, initially in Offenbach and later on in Frankfurt and in Rüsselsheim.

Then in the year 1985 we took over the Nordwestzentrum shopping center, which is located in a socially disadvantaged area of Frankfurt and which was on its last legs at the time. During the years from 1986 to 1991 we systematically transformed that shopping center into a supra-regional attraction with 195,000 sqm of rented floor area. For that achievement we have received several awards from the International Council of Shopping Centers for outstanding revitalization of a shopping center in Europe and the world.

In 1974 we also became involved in industrial activities as a result of the takeover of Unilever Israel. After expanding its turnover to approx. 250 million US$, we sold the subsidiary to CPC in the year 1998.

Today, the ANTAN Group handles various industrial activities, above all in Germany and Israel.

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