Zdjęcie - The laying of the cornerstone of the Stary Dworzec Shopping Park

On May 16, in Bolesławiec at the intersection of Chrobrego and Staroszkolna Streets, the cornerstone was laid for the construction of the Stary Dworzec Retail Park.

The event was attended by representatives of the city and commune - President of Bolesławiec Piotr Roman, Starosta Bolesławiecki Tomasz Gabrysiak and other representatives of the local community, investor and cooperating companies, as well as potential and future tenants who decided to open stores in this location.

Laying the foundation stone begins the stage of erecting the foundations of the new retail park. In addition to the erection act, copies of the Bolesławiec newspapers and current notes with coins were placed in the commemorative tube. The new retail park is to serve local residents, complementing the commercial offer of Bolesławiec. As emphasized by the contractors and designers "Stary Dworzec" is a friendly place created with a view to family needs.

As of today, everything is going as planned and in November we will be able to invite everyone to a grand, solemn opening - says Edyta Bystra, responsible for the commercialization of the facility on behalf of ANTAN Development.