Strzelno project

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The investment is planned in Strzelno, Pieńsk commune, on an area of 9.81 ha, located at the south-eastern edge of the Pieńsk commune. The area of the study was extended to include land located north of the plot, due to the necessity to provide communication services for the area. Thus, the total area of the study area increased to 11.02 ha. The study area is located in the strip between the A-4 motorway (in the south) and the national road no. 94 (in the north).

The functional and spatial structure of the planned investment area will be based on the planned local class road (KDL). The new road will connect the investment area with the national road no. 94 through an additional inlet at the existing intersection of the national road with the road to Czerwona Woda (ul. Zgorzelecka. safety for road users Possible driving towards Zgorzelec will be possible by exiting the local road towards Wrocław to the nearest roundabout, approx. 2 km away. Exit from the national road to the investment area would be possible from both directions.

The investment is located in the zone of economic activity. The project assumes the functioning of various types of investments, from various industries, conducted by various entrepreneurs with multiple types of activity:

  • warehouse,
  • component,
  • logistics (also for the needs of companies located in the zone located in the neighboring town of Wykroty),
  • production / manufacturing,
  • commercial and service,
  • assembly,
  • corrective,
  • research and development,
  • scientific,
  • technological,
  • innovative.

The study area, if necessary, will be divided internally into smaller sectors and adapted to various forms of economic activity depending on the needs of specific tenants. Individual sectors can be leased or sold to future investors.


Strzelno project






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